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It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

I am interested in inspiring the use of, provoking and stimulating voice as a means of activating the continuity of cultural work. I believe everything that is said takes on new life given where it lands as well as where it comes from, the faith in flight — its relief, beauty and purpose — is how perspective comes to be shaped. Perspective is understood and honored because of how it is shared. My work as a digital archivist and independent scholar celebrates the process of sharing as well as developing new and sustainable ways to share with trust, vulnerability and the determination to continue the work and the joy of existing as a framework. 




Analyzing a sense of tradition that we reside in. How did we start? How will we end? And continue after? The phases, the feelings, the cycles? Peace is an upward and onward thing, contact the roots to see and understand what it’s (peace) done and how it is done. Conclusions and cycles of peace mean different things to different people - oppressor and the oppressed emotionally, financially, spiritually, religiously, familially).

“Before he seeks validation from those around him, he seeks validation from that within and above - because they are the same.”

Questioning traditions, rules and regulations, customs. What have you agreed to? To believe? To trust? What of this brings you value? Shows you use?

Did the facilitators of these examples and exercises have the Hierophant (an example of higher consciousness) in mind and with these practices? It all depends on where they started? What they believed first and then what was deemed “better” than this first thought?

What does the legacy then produce from this work, this practice? If it ain’t workin’, how do we replace the systems that keep us complacent?

How can the status quo be challenged, instead of just being a challenge?

How can you create a new dynamic that is fair for you? What work does this take? What kind of timing? What are you gonna do to follow your own tradition? Why would you do these things? What are their purposes? Who do they impact? How so?

What of the knowledge is yours? Your making? Your feeling? Your doing?

You’re making? You’re feeling? You’re doing?

Is your personal power bringing you closer to center, to alignment, to focus? All of this is understanding, not answers. The only and ultimate need and want.
What is Life telling you that you need to do, on a micro and macro level? How are you listening? Acting? Reacting? All responses create revolution.