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It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

I am interested in inspiring the use of, provoking and stimulating voice as a means of activating the continuity of cultural work. I believe everything that is said takes on new life given where it lands as well as where it comes from, the faith in flight — its relief, beauty and purpose — is how perspective comes to be shaped. Perspective is understood and honored because of how it is shared. My work as a digital archivist and independent scholar celebrates the process of sharing as well as developing new and sustainable ways to share with trust, vulnerability and the determination to continue the work and the joy of existing as a framework. 




God is right now. God exists because we made it. Both creation and perseverance. God exists because we persevere. We wouldn’t persevere without calling on our God, our strength, our fortitude that gets us through - and call it something else, something that it’s totally not. You can embody God and be the sky you look up to. You can embody God and be the ground you walk, make trails on, leave ways for the next. You can embody God and be a season, for yourself and somebody else.

You can’t stunt the possibility of God, it defeats the purpose of its existence, of believing. Also because you made it, created it - it shifts at your will, leans toward your understanding. You only get as much as you reach for. Then are you accountable for what you doubted and feared your hands couldn’t hold? Or worse, couldn’t make? Question God’s function as you know it to be. You made it through your struggles, through the one thing you thought you couldn’t. Because you survived, God exists. So who are you not to be God?

In the stillness, do you reach yourself? The core of your being is God. This is your nucleus, your origin-root. God. And you’re here to be and share: yourself, your voice, your love, your lived experience, your perspective, your light.

If you’re not in your God, you be wylin’.

If you’re not in your God, you be distant.

If you’re not in your God, you be searching.

Over and over, more and urgently -

The thing that you thought you lost or have no influence with is the God you are seeking - more you.

That’s the shift. From being in the dark calling out, to getting still and embracing the dark to make light within.

God be you. You be God. If you’re with yourself truly and truthfully, you’re with God too.