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It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

Ashanti Marshall is a digital archivist, experiential writer and staff scribe at For The Scribes, spearheading Recovering Softcover, an advice column catering to writers and their inner woes within their craft and themselves. Based in Chicago, being a fat, black queer and femme moment in time. Their relationship to the practice of understanding makes room for explorations, experimentations, mistakes, failures and curiosities in their writing. Connect with them on Twitter and Instagram asking you all the right, real, riveting questions.


[REVIEW]: 'oxygen' by Asiah Thomas

[REVIEW]: 'oxygen' by Asiah Thomas

Asiah Thomas, affectionately known as ‘AsiahMae’ in these Internet streets, is purpose personified. Resilient, rooted and well-rounded, she is co-parent to two amazing brands that serve crafts close to her heart: indie artistry and intentional visibility with IllVibe and the reality and regality of cultivating a digital haven for indie Black, queer & minority writers with For The Scribes (Willie Kinard is the other parent, we featured him here).

AsiahMae’s poetry debut, oxygen, is a record of black queer millennial experiences. She calls for readers to reflect on their living with comforting and simple language. You can be sure to see yourself in these vignettes of love, lust, loss and self-discovery. After you’ve dove into these annotations, come up for air with your own copy here.



Would you rather me

use the weed?

or you?


I’ve got to

get some sleep



I’m not a fan of the word goodbye.

Nothing really leaves you anyway,

it just lingers in scents,



stored in the back of your mind

until the day

you start confusing

a spirit for a memory

and wonder when one

becomes the other

or if that too

is just a myth.


Your eyes are disrespectful,

screaming at me to use my voice

when I’ve never had to say

what was forever understood.


Now suddenly you’re a closed book

and while I’m an avid reader of our saga,

this chapter is one I’m not sure

I’m ready to dive into.  



AsiahMae is a writer, poet and skin + self care advocate creating her universe in Charleston, SC. With her art as activism, she centers her work around redefining what it means to be black, queer and woman in the South.