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It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

Ashanti Marshall is a digital archivist, experiential writer and staff scribe at For The Scribes, spearheading Recovering Softcover, an advice column catering to writers and their inner woes within their craft and themselves. Based in Chicago, being a fat, black queer and femme moment in time. Their relationship to the practice of understanding makes room for explorations, experimentations, mistakes, failures and curiosities in their writing. Connect with them on Twitter and Instagram asking you all the right, real, riveting questions.


"Pay Attention To Your Dreams"

"Pay Attention To Your Dreams"

[NOTE]: This reading was facilitated with the dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck; authored by Sharon Bridgforth, art by Yasmin Hernandez.

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady

speaks on Mystery

They Say –

“Pay Attention To Your Dreams”


Thinking about the purpose of our dreams, why do they matter to us? Why are they important to us? And how is this importance shaping our lives?

What does it mean to ‘pay attention’ to yourself? What is the cost of noticing your whole self, your surfaces and depths? Does this mean you are in study with something? Does this mean you are listening to something, possibly a Higher Power/Self? How are you gathering more of a perspective to create or manifest new ways of interpreting what your purpose is? Consider how do you handle the gaze of truth.

dat black mermaid man lady

with SheHe blue black dress

and fishes and pearls

come by our dreams

leave trails of

sand and sea weed

wet in the night.


Whatchu running from your gift for? You got it, figure out ways to work it and then decide which way you want to go. The choice is yours, and it’s simple. A part of figuring something out is failing. Fail fast, fail hard. Do not fear failing, this translates to a hesitancy in trying or limiting what you will try. You exchange effort for the expertise you want. You have to give in order to receive, this is the balance. Be intentional about it. Effort should be relentless, intentional and consistent in order for it to work so pay attention to what your dreams show and tell you. Pay attention to what is shaping your subconscious. This attention may inspire reflection as conversation, study, prayer. Pay attention to what and how things message themselves to you. The messages that are reaching out for you, meet them halfway and receive them with openness. Let your messages work through you.


"Holy" by Jamila Woods

"Holy" by Jamila Woods

brown girl dreaming

brown girl dreaming