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It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

I am interested in inspiring the use of, provoking and stimulating voice as a means of activating the continuity of cultural work. I believe everything that is said takes on new life given where it lands as well as where it comes from, the faith in flight — its relief, beauty and purpose — is how perspective comes to be shaped. Perspective is understood and honored because of how it is shared. My work as a digital archivist and independent scholar celebrates the process of sharing as well as developing new and sustainable ways to share with trust, vulnerability and the determination to continue the work and the joy of existing as a framework. 




BY: Willie L Kinard III | Inspiration.


never tell



to love

a black man



our backs



weep for


Willie L. Kinard III is a designer, art director and poet currently talking to the Moon in Newberry, South Carolina. Black, queer & old-souled, he serves as a founding editor of For The Scribes with work in or forthcoming in CUNJUH Magazinethe Shade Journal and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. His first chapbook, chroma., was released spring of 2016.

Now is the Time to Open your Heart

Now is the Time to Open your Heart

Lesbianism: an Act of Resistance

Lesbianism: an Act of Resistance