Ashanti Marshall

"Release"/"Moon Cycles"

"Release"/"Moon Cycles"

[NOTE]: This reading was facilitated with the dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck; authored by Sharon Bridgforth, art by Yasmin Hernandez.


So I did something different this time around. Instead of pulling two cards after a convocation and mindful meditation ritual, I asked a question of the cards. My question was: “We are exactly one week and three days from my twenty-third birthday. Spirit, I would like to know what work does my current fear and future strength require of me? What does the relationship between these two entities?”


 dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck pictured on my altar. 

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck pictured on my altar. 



speaks on Change


She say —



honeypot cry

and cry

and she cry

something break

we feel it

we hold it open for she

honeypot get in it



head raised 

arms wide open

honeypot sing




speaks on Your Soul


They Say — 

"Moon Cycles"


one night i tipping round

honeypot miss kitty 

and sweetie jr business

in the night. 


i stand who know how long

watch they in 

full moon and wind

till right when sun 

began to peek


they reach out

grab me center they circle

they circle me

they circle me

they circle me


 dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck pictured on my altar. 

dat Black Mermaid Man Lady Oracle Deck pictured on my altar. 


Honeypot is making her feelings known, revealing her feelings and being seen by the people around her. Not being put on display, her need to release what is inside of her, is being felt and understood. In understanding, there is comfort and trust between her and her community. How are you understanding your community? How is your community understanding you?

Honeypot’s people want her to know that her feelings are valid and welcomed, that her self-acceptance is and will be celebrated with them because the people that love you want you to love yourself too. Realize that the work is possible because your community is a witness. Pay attention to how you can be taught by a person’s living. There are human reasons to feel intimidated with your own truth — how large it is, how uncomfortable it is. The people that have an issue with how much understanding you requires deserves no access to influencing your feelings for better or worse.

How long are you willing to be uncomfortable in the work of releasing? For as much as you’ve accumulated over the span of your life experiences is the same amount of effort and time and space to release what needs to released. Your memories, experiences and the feelings associated with both don’t just disappear because you want them to. Investigate why you want to discard the experience and particularly what about the experience has become unbearable or triggering for you.

How willing are you to stay with the work of releasing? Define when you’re getting tired — the time before the actionable breakthrough of being tired. Really understand what that means for you, what it looks like to you, what it feels like in your mind and in your body, how it changes you and hold on to that. The use of that knowledge will be a motivation for release.

When you can let go and choose to let go, you make room for more. When you come looking for change, it will embrace you. What are your intentions with seeking change? In the patience that change requires, how are you working with diligence? In the patience that change is, how are you noticing yourself receive difference?


"New Road"/"Alignment"

"New Road"/"Alignment"