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"Shea Butter Manifesto" by Eve L. Ewing

"Shea Butter Manifesto" by Eve L. Ewing

We, the forgotten Delta people,

the dry riverbed people, 

hair calling always for rain,

skin turned skyward wishing for clouds, 

we stand for blood.

We kneel for water. 

For oil, we lay down,

fingers spread, as if in this way

we might skate across the yellow clay of it all

like lagoon insects. 


So it is written: 

heal yourself, baby.

With the tree and the touch, with the turmeric.

In this world, nothing brittle prevails, 

so in this world, grease is a compliment,

no, it’s a weapon, 

no, it’s a dream you had, where it was cold

and your mother, seeing the threat of gray at your elbows

and knowing that ash is the language of the dead

knelt, and put her hands on your face like this 

and anointed you a protected child, a hot iron in a place of frost.

Recall this, and

fear no thickness.

Be resurrected, glistening in the story of you.

Be shining.  



"New Road"/"Alignment"

"New Road"/"Alignment"

"Holy" by Jamila Woods

"Holy" by Jamila Woods