It's Shanti, your queer baby sister here! 

A brown girl befriending brown liquor and green herbs. They trust what moves them as truth. You can find them deep in the earth of things, fully involved and stimulated by how they view change and create it. A digital archivist  by trade, oracle by birthright, they are of the elements and with them, deeply.



1. Cut the safety of my perspective.

2. Let the caution bleed.

3. Create me un-safe.

4. Create me un-done.

5. Create me un-bound.


Freedom is in the access. Make me remember the ability of my arms. The instruction almost sounds like magic - how did we arrive at expecting validation: to just be?

To grasp. To reach. To hold. To release. What is the purpose of carrying around the dead and the done?

Be with it. Remember lessons are friends, the distance from the experience does not diminish the impact.

Share in it. Remember someone else is experiencing with you. Remember someone experienced for you.

Grieve of it. Remember to turn things loose to the soil of their world and make room for your other multitudes.

All actions require the negotiation of memories, what you already have, in an attempt to influence evolution.

How are you doing the cycle of words? The listening is to the speaking is equal to the understanding.

No matter what side of an experience you are on, be present. There is no dichotomy of justice, just more understanding. Equal building and equal destroying.

The time, placement or circumstances of evolution is never of our choosing.

“have de nerve tuh say what you mean.”

How are your words doing? Why are they doing so?

Do not rush to fill in the blanks. They serve a journey of a purpose deeper than the pressures of imposed urgency.